Our Community Process

Engagement to Date

From the Project’s inception in December 2013, BUILD has worked diligently with Bayview neighbors and community groups. Below is a summary of BUILD’s community engagement. Some highlights include:

Presented To:
  • India Basin Working Group (IBWG)
  • Bayview Working Group (BVWG)
  • Nearby Homeowners Associations (HOAs)
  • Bayview Residents Improving Their Environment (BRITE)
  • Hunters Point Shipyard Citizens Advisory Committee (HPS CAC)
  • Southern Waterfront Advisory Committee



India Basin Neighborhood Association (IBNA)

BUILD has consistently engaged with the immediate neighbors through IBNA. The feedback and advice that BUILD has received during these meetings have been critical in the design process.

India Basin Working Group (IBWG)

BUILD assembled a team of community members known as India Basin Working Group (IBWG), providing early and intensive feedback and commentary throughout our design process. Quarterly meetings are held with IBWG.

Bayview Working Group (BVWG)

After a year and a half of intensive work with our immediate neighbors, BUILD reached out and assembled a team from the larger Bayview addressing issues beyond the immediate site — transit access, jobs, and housing have been at the front of these conversations.

Local CAC, CBO, and HOA Presentations

BUILD has presented to local Citizen Advisory Committees (CACs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), and HOAs including Hunters Point Shipyard CAC, Bayview Residents Improving Their Environment (BRITE), and others.

Mayor’s Task Force: India Basin Waterfront Parks and Trails

A Task Force Committee, consisting of over 30 representatives from community-based groups, was appointed by Mayor Lee, Supervisor Cohen, and RPD’s General Manager, Phil Ginsburg.  Since 2015, community meetings and workshops have been held with the India Basin Waterfront Task Force Committee, which helped develop the India Basin Waterfront Parks & Trails Study (see www.ibwaterfrontparks.com).

India Basin Transportation Action Plan Community Meetings

Build Inc initiated and sponsored the India Basin Transportation Action Plan (IBTAP) that studied the transportation improvements beyond the Project boundaries to ensure coordinated transportation improvements with RPD, Lennar and PG&E (see www.ibtransportationplan.com).

Informal Group Meetings

Regular informal meetings are held with community members.